Heirloom Heart

Sliced open, this tomato was an “Oh my,” followed by a “Hey, take a look!” and then “Gotta take a photo.”

Whoa, not so fast! Two slippery sliced insides have distracting reflections. Angle them this way and that. Dab at tomato juice. Fiddle with the props. Angle and dab. Try out backgrounds. Retro boomerang countertop? Nope. Go for contrast? Oh yeah. Click!



Shady Ladies

The notice at the Josephy Center had a small photo of Mike Koloski, who wrote, “In the twenty-plus years I’ve lived in Wallowa County, I’ve done over 350 paintings. Unfortunately, I’ve kept very poor track of them and where they went. If you have one of my paintings, or know the whereabouts of any, would you please call or write me?”

She did.


IMG_1967American Icons

Asked to make a sign to show where the “facilities” were at a recent reunion, I couldn’t resist adding this drawing. Which reminds me…

If, when playing Pictionary, a player must draw an outhouse, be advised that only Americans will instantly identify a tall rectangle with a half-moon as a loo. A Welsh or Fijian, who might be on the other team, will cry “Foul!”

Just saying…



Winter Ad Infinitum

She pulled into the service station, got a fill-up, and started to write a check.

“I’ll need cash,” the attendant interrupted her.

“But I saw you take a check from the car ahead of me,” she gently protested.

“He was here all winter,” was the reply.

She pulled out her wallet and handed over the cash.



Knit Night

Sunday Knit Brunch. Evening Knit Sit. All-day Drop-In Knit. They’re truly knittin’ fools.



Jayne On a Mission

Portlanders, overwhelmed by two inches of snow, were at home. Jayne, a former Upstate New Yorker, danced down the snowy sidewalk to the Christmas tree lot.

“Ten dollars.” She pulled the bill out of her pocket.

The vender demurred. Jayne stood. The Jayne look is quiet, but very, very effective.

The vendor blinked, suddenly motivated to do a second survey of the stock. He cut off the perfect top of a less than perfect tree and offered it for inspection. Jayne gave him the ten. One perfect tree, sold.










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