Randy Newman Concert

In which a lifelong dream is fulfilled A hunched-over Randy Newman slowly walked to the Steinway, sat, and then turned … More

Elders and Attitudes

Earlier this week, an acquaintance told me about an opening for a job that would require significant life experience plus … More

Slim Potatohead in the Sun

No, this drawing didn’t come from a cabin-fevered mind under the effects of quarantine. I ran across the “Slim Potatohead” … More


Heirloom Heart Sliced open, this tomato was an “Oh my,” followed by a “Hey, take a look!” and then “Gotta … More

Fishing, 1970 – 2016

1970 Not knowing what else to do with her, her inadvertent hostsĀ handed her a rod and reel, a can, and … More

North Carolina: Carpe Carp?

In North Carolina, “Paylaking” pays off. Picture a 4-acre pond that, with proper management, can support up to 40,000 pounds … More

Floating the French Broad

August 7, 2108 Dear Daughter, I’m excited about meeting your housemates, and especially eager to participate in the inner tube … More